Crash Safety Solutions, LLC is a company working to provide solutions and educational tools to crash reconstructionists investigating different aspects involving crashes. Currently, Crash Safety Solutions, LLC is offers software solutions authored by Dr. Jeffrey Muttart which integrate current and available driver response research to apply to real life crash scenarios. 

Interactive Driver Response Research (I.DRR) – With I.DRR driver response research is at your fingertips - in one place and tailored to your case.  I.DRR features response to potential hazards, time available in the road, time available at night, time and distance analysis, PRT, drivers’ maneuvers, reconstruction tools, reference information, definitions formulas and charts.  I.DRR assists in determining acceleration rate, acceleration time, deceleration rate, search times, response to lead vehicles, traffic signals, steering and braking capabilities, response, avoidance, discernibility distance, among many of its calculation features.

V*Star - a program solution that allows crash reconstructionists to calculate the probable speed at impact of either two vehicles, a vehicle and pedestrian or vehicle and bicycle and contains more than 20,000 calculations. 

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FARO Technologies, Inc. the world's most trusted source for 3D measurement, provides comprehensive measurement solutions for crash and crime scene investigation, including 3D laser scanners and software for crash diagramming and animation.

The forensic side of researching car stiffness values, auto specs, and so much more has never been more accessible. 4N6XPRT Systems' StifCalcs®  software helps you to reliably evaluate and analyze stiffness values with some of the easiest, most trusted, and most cost-efficient software you can find in the industry today.

Vehicle accident investigation involves a multitude of studies and comprehensive reports that can be confusing to someone who isn’t properly trained. Our system breaks down the information so that people not trained in accident investigation can retrieve meaningful data and you can digest, understand, and make use of that same data quickly and easily. 

Vehicle accident investigation also involves a multitude of vehicle data. Our Expert AutoStats®  software compiles vehicle information from a variety of sources into one easy to use location so you can find and incorporate it into your analysis quickly and with less frustration.

Learn about vehicle data, crush data, ABG stiffness values, and more with these programs.

Experts in Local, County, and State law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, risk analysis, and private vehicle accident reconstruction have utilized the crucial information available through our programs for over 25  years!  Both civil and criminal attorneys have based their defenses on the analysis resulting in part from the data we provide.

• Expert AutoStats® • 4N6XPRT BioMeknx™ • 4N6XPRT Ped & Bike Calcs® • Expert Qwic Calcs® • Expert TireStuf® • 4N6XPRT StifCalcs® • Expert VIN DeCoder®

The L-Tron Corporation is proud to introduce the OSCR360 Solution. OSCR360 was built from the voice of Law Enforcement, Traffic Reconstructionists, and Prosecuting Attorneys. A New York State business for over 40 years, L-Tron provides purpose built hardware and software solutions for law enforcement and government agencies.

OSCR360 is a unique investigative tool used to capture crime or crash scene evidence as seen by the investigator.  Investigators have one chance to photograph a scene before evidence is either possessed, removed or in some cases destroyed due to environmental conditions.   

Traditional photography captures an image in the direction of where the camera lens was aimed.  With OSCR360, the investigator can quickly and easily capture a full 360 degree view of the scene and instantly view the 360 photos on the OSCR Tablet.  No training required. An on-scene review confirms that all necessary evidence photos have been captured and documented. 

With OSCR360, you can incorporate  multi-media evidence files. The completed presentation is a visual walk through of the facts and circumstances for litigation.

Bring a complete investigation to life and allow others to see the crime or crash scene through the investigator's eyes.

Meet Sergeant Chuck Grasso at IATAI
A retired police Sergeant with over 27 years Law Enforcement experience, Sergeant Grasso began his career in 1986 with the Ellington Connecticut Police Department. After working as a Patrol Officer, he moved to the Town of Enfield, retiring as a Police Sergeant, Accident Reconstructionist & Regional Traffic Reconstruction Team Commander in 2013. He is a court deemed expert in several specialized areas of collision reconstruction. Sergeant Grasso served on the ANSI D-16 panel and is currently a Certified Police Academy Instructor in the areas of Collision Investigation and Traffic Enforcement. 
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The National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists (NAPARS) is a non-profit organization whose members have joined together to share the challenge of dealing with complex problems of accident reconstruction and to upgrade and professionalize the accident reconstruction field. We are dedicated to continual research in the field of accident reconstruction, the exchange of ideas through discussion and debate, maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and informing and educating the public on accident investigation and traffic safety issues. NAPARS is open to all persons interested in the fields of traffic accident reconstruction and highway transportation safety. Membership includes approximately 630 police officers, engineers, consultants and government safety personnel from across the U.S., Canada, and many foreign countries. NAPARS was founded in 1985, and annually hosts, co-hosts, or sponsors training events and conferences on traffic accident reconstruction topics. Membership is for 12 months from date of renewal. Each 1-year membership comes with 6 digital issues of the Accident Reconstruction Journal. Active members as of the 15th of each "odd" month (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov) will receive that issue via email when it comes out.

At CSI mapping of Overland Park, Kansas, not only can we provide you with the right customized equipment package for your law enforcement agency's forensic mapping needs, but we are also experts in the critical incident and the accident reconstruction investigation field. With our years of experience, you get the applications and equipment you need, and you get our ability to effectively train your organization on how to become forensic mapping and scene documentation experts. As Forensic Mapping Specialists we have a long history of teaching Forensic Mapping to Law Enforcement in North America, Europe, and Australia. We prepare our students for courtroom challenges by teaching investigation and reconstruction technologies and best practices.

We specialize in:
Sokkia total stations including Robotic and Hybrid that combines Robotic with GPS
Topcon Laser Scanner GLS Series
UAS Aerial Mapping
2D-3D CAD diagramming, animation and Evidence Collection software

You might have to work out in the cold but we will never leave you alone by the side of the road. New systems purchased with training are backed by our guarantee of free 24/7 technical support. 

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